Uboat - the silent wolf symulacja łodzi podwodnej

TITLE: Uboat – The Silent Wolf
Genre: simulation, fiction

PRODUCER: Titan Gamez
RELEASE DATE: Available soon


What is Uboat - The Silent Wolf?

Uboat is a new game developed by TitanGamez. It is a World War II submarine simulator. UBoat: The Silent Wolf is a combination of role-playing game and simulator created with VR in mind! Soon you will be able to dive into the depths of the ocean and find out what life on a submarine was like submarine during the war.

The game is shrouded in mystery for now, and we don’t know the exact release date. However, it is worth the wait to be able to experience this virtual adventure and be able to explore new environments with the help of the latest VR technology! The game gives you plenty of opportunities to interact with the environment, explore the interior of the submarine in great graphics.

Who is the game Uboat - The Silent Wolf for?

The game will be available for users of Meta Quest 2. For more details, please check back soon.

Who is the producer of the game Uboat - The Silent Wolf?

The producer of the game is Titan Gamez.

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