TITLE: House Builder
GENRE: Adventure, Casual, Indie, Simulation

PUBLISHER: PlayWay S.A., FreeMind S.A.
FRANCHISE: PlayWay S.A., FreeMind S.A.

RELEASE DATE: 11 Nov, 2021







OS: Windows 7

Processor: Intel Core i5

Memory: 8 GB RAM

Graphics: NVidia GeForce GTX 750

Sound Card: DirectX compatible

Storage: 13 GB available space



OS: Windows 10

Processor: Intel Core i7

Memory: 8 GB RAM

Graphics: NVidia GeForce GTX 1050

Sound Card: DirectX compatible

Storage: 13 GB available space

What is House Builder?

House Builder is a house building simulator in which the player can travel and create his own magnificent buildings. The player’s task is to use the right building materials and procedures to be able to create efficiently and with an aesthetically pleasing appearance. The player will also have the opportunity to learn about various construction technologies that he can use in his projects. Gather resources and experience to create unique works of architecture. Get ready for exciting challenges that will allow you to improve your construction skills.

Who is the House Builder game for?

House Builder is a game designed for anyone who is interested in architecture and construction and enjoys a challenge. The game allows players to create buildings of varying complexity and explore the world. Players can use a variety of materials and technologies and learn how to apply proper building procedures.

Who is the developer of the House Builder game?

The developer of the game is FreeMind S.A.

How do players perceive the House Builder game?

Players receive the House Builder game very positively. Many people appreciate the game for its creative approach to building and for the opportunity to learn different building technologies. Players also emphasize the fun side of the game and the fact that you can create buildings from different parts of the world. Many players also praise the complexity and detail of the building system, which allows you to create sophisticated and realistic buildings.

What are the numbers of House Builder?

As of April 2023, House Builder has sold 44,640 copies and obtained a gross revenue of $490,000. It has 12,938 followers on Steam and 79.6% of positive reviews. This video game has had an average of 116 concurrent players per day since its release. It had an all-time peak of 777 concurrent players in November 2021, the month of its release. Players spend 12.5 hours on average playing this game.


House Builder is streamed on Twitch every month and it has had an average monthly peak of 5,798 views since its release. The game had an all-time peak of 30,010 viewers in the month of its release.


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House Builder - Official Trailer

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