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Game localization is, in short, the process of translating games into many languages. To be successful on a foreign market, a simple translation lacks too many key elements.
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Popular computer games

Popular computer games – a review Computer games, just like many other ways of entertainment, fall into different categories. On the basis of those groups, we are able to see that some users like one game, whereas others like something completely different. Furthermore, we must take into account that each...

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Video games in Spain

The growth of the video game sector in recent years in Spain is more than obvious. Whatever the platform used -computer, mobile, console, etc.-, dedicating time to these games is one of the main forms of entertainment. Moreover, the number of players in some of them has increased notably after...

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Videogames among underage teens

We are living in 2021, the 21st century, the century of technology, it is normal that kids interact with it. Children are known for their expanding curiosity. How are they not supposed to ask about electronic devices? Their surroundings use them, and they are aware of it. That is why...

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The most important stages

Stages in the translation of computer games

Game localisation methods involve adapting the game to globalisation processes and the quality of the language depending on the country and region the game is targeted at. It requires more than a simple translation of text. Players from all corners of the world need to experience the same authentic gameplay.

What are the elements of computer game localization?

Software and hardware location

Game localization usually involves switching between PAL and NTSC, reassigning function keys and modifying the game or application itself.

Linguistic and cultural localization

Translation and localization of all linguistic and cultural references. As such, we can preserve the genuineness of the game, making it more identifyable to the audience of a given country or region.

Graphics and music localization

In some cases, games will feature a new set of characters, or the same ones with slight variations in appearance, helping players identify with their own avatar. Music also varies with national trends and fan preferences.

Legal location

Age rating of players can create variations depending on the country where the game is released. They are controlled by national or international organizations, among which: PEGI (Europe), ESRB (United States and Canada), ACB (Australia) or ZERO (Japan).

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