TITLE: My Museum: Treasure Hunter
GENRE: Adventure, Casual, Indie, Simulation, Strategy

PUBLISHER: ManyDev Studio








OS: Windows 7

Processor: Intel Core i5

Memory: 4000 MB RAM

Graphics: GTX 7XX or higher

Storage: 5000 MB available space

Sound Card: Yes

What is My Museum?

This is an educational FPV simulator where your main goal will be to manage the museum, from finding and buying artworks to setting the best prices for exhibitions. You’ll also have to manage the museum’s budget to renovate and upgrade facilities, hire employees and manage exhibitions. At the same time, you’ll have to fight criminals and thieves and secure the museum’s facilities from destruction. You will also have to uncover legendary treasures hiding in your museum, solve puzzles, search for treasures, uncover secrets and challenge yourself to recover ancient treasures. The game allows you to discover the secrets of ancient civilizations and learn interesting facts about local and world history. The game can be played solo.

Who is the My Museum game for?

My Museum: Treasure Hunter is the perfect game for anyone who enjoys adventure, treasure hunting, history discovery and museum management. In this game, you will visit different locations in search of treasures that you will collect and display in your museum. You will also have to complete many challenges to unlock new levels.

Who is the developer of the My Museum game?

The developer of the game is ManyDev Studio and Code Meister.

How do players receive the My Museum game?

Players generally receive My Museum: Treasure Hunter very well. They note the graphics, which are very detailed and clear, as well as the wide selection of tasks to complete. They note that the game allows you to discover treasures on your own, and provides hours of entertainment. Many players also appreciate the fact that the player can run his own museum, choosing from the many exhibits available.

What are the numbers of My Museum?

My Museum has not been released yet but 1,902 players already follow the game on Steam.


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My Museum - Official Trailer

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