Keywords in game localization

At Game Localizations we specialize in doing a job tailored to our clients’ needs. We custom our expertise to the needs of the end consumer and, consequently, bring our client closer to financial gains.

There are many factors to consider. Using the right keywords is not easy and it can take months to get them right. You can either hire experts or give it a go yourself.

Infinite combinations of algorithms make the task difficult for experts. Therefore, it is not advisable to “waste time” searching for solutions without experience. Large localization companies for games, video games and applications make it possible to optimize the effects of keyword implementation.


When localizing a video game, multiple variants must be taken into account. It is a task that requires a high level of expertise and as such, only a group of specialized translators will do the trick.

The translator’s work is fundamental in conveying the final message of the text. In game translations, video games and applications, the key is to enshrine the meaning, rather than being literal. These translations carry a great deal of culture, customs, sayings and slang that, on many occasions, only native speakers are capable of capturing during localizations.

This exciting yet fast-paced industry demands a mastery of English, as it is the king of all aspects of software. Most video games probably have this language in the original version or at least the option to use it. In addition, a Chinese or Japanese game, with optional English, will subsequently clear a path for its localization in a much more beneficial way, since from English to Spanish, for example, it is much easier and there is a greater number of translators.

How to get the perfect translation?

Text corrections are the order of the day. When players have fun with their favorite game, they don’t consider the hours of work behind the final product. Almost every translated text undergoes numerous corrections and modifications until the final customer is satisfied. That is why, at Game Localizations, we have a group of specialized translators, both for translating and proofreading.


In fact, games continue to evolve even after their eventual release. Manufacturers maintain a close relationship with their gamers, as the game is designed for their entertainment. They will create forums in which players can voice their opinion. Acting like a feedback session, manufacturers can identify which sections of the dialogue can be better adapted to suit a certain public.


While you may hear claims of perfect translations, there is no such thing. The beauty of translation actually lies in its neverending evolution. There are always details that can be conveyed more truthfully. We are not dealing with sworn or notarized translations, where the text has to be converted to the letter. In videogame localization, there is a plethora of nuances that need to be considered: Culture, customs, religion, ethics, politics… you name it. All of which have to be accurately implemented for the translation to be successful.


At Game Localizations, we collaborate with translations from all over the world. We deal with native speakers that understand the ethics of the videogame industry as they are usually gamers themselves. Being passionate about they work, they feel much pride in contributing to the release of a game in which they invested work and sweat. They are a part of the game’s soul.