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American/British English

English is one of the most popular language in the world, it is an official language in 59 countries. The most people live in US(64,3%), UK(16,7), Canada(5,3%) and Australia(4,7%). English is an Indo-European language and belongs to the West Germanic group of the Germanic languages.

british english game localization
american english game localization

English as a language

English is considered as a global language, more and more people use it in work, business, studies.

There comes the expression that English is used as a lingua franca around the world. English is on the first place of the most popular languages in the world if we look at native and all other users. It has 1,132 billion users, including 379 million that use it as a first language and 753 million people using it as a secondary language. 

When we refer to American English, we speak about a more neutral and spread variant of English. Cinema and entertainment have spread this variant throughout the world.

When it comes to British English the number obviously is reduced. The British variant is used more in the United Kingdom and in Ireland. When we speak about British and American English, there is not such a marked difference like it may be between European and Latin American Spanish. Here we have more of a different pronunciation of some words and phonemes and different spelling, but it would not be shocking or difficult to understand for a user of the other variant.

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English in Game Localization

Referring to game localization, English should be a top priority for any developer for two main reasons. The first one is the amount of money which is moved in the USA or UK in relation to games, and the second one is that it will reach many other gamers that have English as their second language and speak a less spread language, which may result less profitable to localize into. Steam statistics show this by placing English as the top 1 language selected by users with almost a third of the users playing in English worldwide. 

It’s one of the most popular language in game localization. On the list of the countries that have the biggest game revenue USA is on the 2nd place and United Kingdom is on the 6th place. According to Play store USA is on the 4th place considering downloading games, with an approximately 1,235,055,930 downloading. For comparison, total download on App Store USA has 2,098,141,490 what gives a 1st place and UK has 251,664,260 and it’s 3rd.

English is the most popular language on steam, with 34,59% users using it.

revenue in gaming buisness

Revenue and number of players
in the American English game market

As mentioned before the revenue and money made in the USA with games is on the top of the list. The USA place second on the list of the countries with most gaming revenue with 47.62 billion dollars spent in a year and with an astounding number of players (197.16 million).  According to Play store, the USA are listed on the 4th place considering downloading games, with approximately 1,235,055,930 downloads a year which means more repercussion and in the end more money for any game development company.

Revenue and number of players
in the British English game market

The UK is listed among the top 6 countries with the most game’s revenue. It has around 5.73 billion dollars in a year and the amount of British players or gamers in a year reaches the number of 39 million. Nowadays is obvious that English is one of the most predominant languages in almost any business and the video game business is no less. 

interesting fcts about gaming buisness

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