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Swedish is a North Germanic language spoken predominantly in Sweden and in some parts of Finland.

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Swedish as a language

Both in Sweden and Finland, Swedish is an official language. It is spoken by 10 million people around the world, making it the fourth most spoken Germanic language.

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revenue in gaming buisness

Revenue and number of players in the Swedish game market

While only ranked ninth in terms of annual digital video gaming revenue among leading gaming markets in Europe, Sweden’s video game industry is a powerhouse featuring gaming companies of all sizes. In 2020, Swedish gaming companies generated an annual net turnover of 20.8 billion Swedish kronor, up from 19 billion Swedish kronor in the previous year. That year, the annual production value of video game companies in Sweden amounted to 22.14 billion Swedish kronor. The revenue in the video games market is projected to reach 1 billion dollars in 2023. The number of users is expected to rise to almost 7 million by 2027. The biggest piece of the market goes to the mobile game industry with a revenue of 863 million dollars projected by 2023, which is expected in the country where the famous video game Candy Crush was created. The average revenue per user (ARPU) in the Video Games segment is projected to amount to US$199.50 in 2023.

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Some interesting facts
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