The role of the player is as important as that of the localizer or translator. The localizer is, more often than not, a game fanatic himself.

Historically, gamers have always been seen as childish or unprofessional. But times change and so do market demands. Today, a regular gamer can be a perfect localizer of games, video games or applications. In fact, an educated translator may not be as much of a specialist as the gamer.


The gamer understands what fellow gamers expect from video games. He is the core element that ties the whole localization process together. A localization not overlooked by gamers has little chance of entering a market successfully. The player’s adaptation of all texts and content of the game to the final result is essential in this demanding and developed industry.


Akin to a elite athletes or rockstars, gamers dream of getting paid doing what they love. Of course not all gamers are suitable for this job. The one who really commits to collaborating with these big multinationals, will have more work than he can develop.

What is the main quality of a player/locator?

Undoubtedly, creativity is a precious quality for a localizer to possess.

It goes without saying that English proficiency, hours of gaming, knowledge of the video game industry, many localized games… of course, are also important. But a gamer without creativity will never reach the required heights.


If the game has a futuristic content, the terminology will certainly be related to advanced technological devices. In the case of a fantasy role-playing game, adapted to the 10th century, it is likely to find all kinds of weapons, which require a characteristic name. We will also find characters with a particular accent and speaking a unique language. If it is a more classic platformer, it will have to provide content suitable for younger audiences, which will cause a smile in the player who reads it (jokes and pranks are always accepted with open arms).

For all this, the player/localizer has to be able to let his imagination fly, creating unique quality texts.