Kepping track of videogame trends allows us to develop games according to player demand.

The needs of a 12-year-old do not match those of a 40-year-old adult. You don’t get the same experience playing on a phone or on a PC or console. Platform games have nothing to do with war or sports games. It is not the same to play five hours a day compared to fifteen minutes.


The job of localizers is to develop a game with the awareness of current trends. They find this information through surveys, competition, information from magazines and expert gamers. Of course, the trend is different from one country to another. Ethical, religious, cultural, economic, social, etc. factors play a key role.


The big companies that develop videogames have thousands of collaborators. Developing a game can require two thousand workers. For this reason, the quality of the game must be optimal. The profitability of the game depends on the quality and its acceptance, so if it is not well localized, this can result in millions of dollars in losses.

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Video games are, without a doubt, the largest and most developed cultural industry on the planet. The sales figures, the diffusion and the number of users show a constant growth year after year. This demonstrates an industry model with not only a present, but a promising future as well. All the socio-economic studies that have been carried out corroborate this. Currently, according to Google information, the word “game” is among the ten most searched words by users. This is revealing of the general trend of society, in terms of leisure time.