What would a video game localization be without using keywords?

What are keywords?


A keyword is a term associated with digital marketing. It is used to describe a word or group of words that Internet users commonly employ when browsing online. On the internet we can find different theories about keywords. Many experts claim to have a solution for a certain product, service or brand. They certainly have access to tools and tips that inexperienced users might not. But the reality is that it is becoming more and more popular to hire the services of translators-localizers that implement certain words. These words should bring the customer searching on the Internet closer to our website.


At Game Localizations we specialize in doing a job tailored to our clients’ needs. We custom our expertise to the needs of the end consumer and, consequently, bring our client closer to financial gains.

There are many factors to consider. Using the right keywords is not easy and it can take months to get them right. You can either hire experts or give it a go yourself.


Infinite combinations of algorithms make the task difficult for experts. Therefore, it is not advisable to “waste time” searching for solutions without experience. Large localization companies for games, video games and applications make it possible to optimize the effects of keyword implementation.