The great virtue of video game localization is that you don’t need to have three degrees or study for many years. In order to specialize in this field, it is simply recommended to follow a course dedicated to videogames.


Many translators dedicate thousands of hours in finishing their technical, medical or engineering studies in order later make the leap to translation. But being a localizer requires playing, that’s about it. It is especially important not to play only one type of game. Combining role-playing games with platformers and/or sports games with strategy games stretches your potential area of expertise.

game localization players

Yes, it’s that easy, play, study the dialogue, take notes…prepare a personalized glossary. Basically, take pleasure. The more hours of play the better.


One of the great perks is that your working hours fly by, as you’re playing games. If you enjoy it and commit to improving and advancing, it creates the perfect learning environment.